Upcoming CSCA Board Elections in 2013

The CSCA holds elections for a board of 5 (FIVE) Directors every 2 years. The current board is serving for the 2011-2013 period. The new board will serve for 2013-2015.
Each election is conducted by an Elections Officer appointed by the board, who can be contacted at email address csca.election@spacecommerce.ca . For this election, the elections officer is Wilfred So (who is currently a CSCA Director and the CSCA Secretary).
All members in good standing (as of Dec. 31, 2012) are eligible to vote. If you have paid your full 2012 dues by then, you are eligible to vote. Note that if you paid a regular attendance fee for our annual conference held in March 2012 then you are an eligible voter. All others who have not paid their full 2012 dues or paid a regular attendance fee to attend our 2012 annual conference are referred to our membership fee page at http://test.spacecommerce.ca/join.
The election schedule will be as follows:
Nomination period begins:    Jan 24, 2013
Nomination period closes:    Jan 31, 2013
All members in good standing can be nominated by submitting the names to the elections officer with the support for that nominee of at least two members in good standing (which can include the nominee). All such valid nominees will be allowed to run for a Director position.
Nomination Acceptance Period:    Feb 1 to Feb 5, 2013
During this period, all valid nominees (as above) must indicate whether they will accept or decline the nomination by contacting the elections officer. Note that if they do not do so they will NOT be standing for the election.
Publishing of Names of the Nominees:    Feb 6, 2013
The list of those running for the 5 board positions will be published on the website and, where possible, in emails to members in good standing.
Voting period begins:     Feb 7, 2013
Voting period closes:     Feb 14, 2013 at 8 PM EST
Vote for 5 nominees for the board of directors. Voting is normally done by email sent to the Elections Officer. Please give your contact information (phone and email) so that the Elections Officer can contact you if there are any questions about your voting or nominations email.
The Elections Officer will acknowledge receipt of valid ballots and nominations. Try to send your voting / nominating email early in the valid periods so that there is time for you to receive these confirmations.
For more information, please contact the Elections Officer at csca.election@spacecommerce.ca .