The Space Report 2008

A copy of the 2008 edition of The Space Report was purchased on behalf of CSCA members. Please go to the files section and log in with your member password to download the PDF copy of this invaluable resource.

Produced by the Space Foundation’s Research & Analysis division, The Space Report 2008: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity is a publication that thoroughly examines and analyzes the state of the space industry. The flagship product of the Space Foundation, The Space Report 2008 covers primarily 2007 data, contains information on global space budgets and revenues, a yearly summary and analysis of the Space Foundation Index, and for the first time, addresses United States labor and workforce issues. The original edition, The Space Report 2006 looked at the global space industry in its entirety for the first time and established a value for the industry in terms of budgets and revenues, as well as creating a market index for space.