The CSCA Invited to Participate in The Canada – UK Colloquium

Canada-UK ColloquiumThe Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) has been invited to participate in the annual Canada-UK Colloquium which is an invitation only event being held in Glasgow November 19-21. This years topic is SPACE: Obstacles and Opportunities.
The Canada-UK Colloquia celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2011 and over this period has brought together leading politicians, officials, academics, businessmen, practitioners and members of the media to discuss matters of current public policy concern to each country.

Participation in the annual Colloquium is at a senior level and by invitation as this ensures a close and detailed examination of the issues relevant to that year’s chosen topic. A Report of the proceedings, including conclusions and recommendations, is published and distributed in each country to government officials and others concerned with the subject. A formal launch of the Report is held involving follow-up meetings at the Canadian High Commission or the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and in Parliament, to discuss the outcomes of the Colloquium and identify ways in which the Colloquium’s recommendations can be taken forward.

Objective for 2015
Both Canada and the UK have been early participants in the transformative development stemming from scientific exploration and commercial use of near earth space over the past 60 years. Canada has a unique status as the only non-European ‘Cooperating State’ with the European Space Agency – while there are numerous bilateral space-related activities between the two countries.

Satellite technology and space observation touch the lives of all, in fields such as safety, security, businesses, national infrastructure and leisure. Networks of navigation satellites are increasingly integrated into daily affairs; smart phone photos are not only time stamped (a service also provided by these satellites) but also record users’ geo-locations, detected by satellites. CubeSats, which are very low cost standardised satellites, are opening up many new commercial opportunities (at much lower cost) in areas such as earth observation and bringing in a new generation of companies and entrepreneurs. Farm vehicles can distribute fertiliser based on satellite infra-red measurement of crop health and GPS measurement of their location. Observation from space is also having transformational implications for industries such as forestry.

See the full theme of the Colloquium.

The CSCA is sending Marc Boucher, Executive Director and Yaroslav Pustovyi, President and our corporate partner attending is Chris Sallaberger of Canadensys.

The CSCA will report back to its members the results of the Colloquium at the next bi-monthly meeting in January.