The Canadian Space Commerce Association in 2015

In 2015 the Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is redoubling its effort and is committed to working with Canadian stakeholders in building a larger and prosperous commercial space market.

To that end I’ve been hired to be the first Executive Director in seven plus years the association has been in existence. We’ve refreshed our Board of Directors with three new faces including our new president, Dr. Yaroslav “Yarko” Pustovyi. Yarko is a former Ukrainian astronaut who served as the backup payload specialist for the STS-87 Space Shuttle Columbia flight.

In 2015 our theme is “Back to Basics”.

Our volunteer Board of Directors and myself will need your support going forward. We’ve got some tremendous ideas we want to implement this year. At our first meeting  on Thursday, January 22nd we’ll discuss them with our members and prospective members. We invite you to join us.

This organization is only as strong as its membership. We have voice in Canada but it needs to be louder, though as you’ll see below we do get occasional national television exposure. I encourage you as an individual or your organization to become members. Your member fees help us initiate programs that will enhance the voice of our industry.

We need to work with governments at all levels to better inform them of your work, its benefits to Canadians and the export possibilities of your products and ideas.

Together we can do more.

Marc Boucher
Executive Director
Direct: 647.985.9203

CSCA Initiatives

  • Provincial and Federal Pre-Budget Consultation – The CSCA will submit ideas for both the Provincial and Federal pre-budget consultations with input from members.
  • Co-Host the International Space Development Conference in Toronto on May 20-24 with an expected attendance of 1000+ people.
  • We will move forward with the Suborbital Business initiative.
  • Create a new Industry Day Program – This new initiative will see the CSCA host several industry days during the year focusing on topics such as: SmallsatsImaging SystemsSatellite Components and other niche business markets that Canada can excel in and market globally.
  • Small Satellite Launcher Symposium (Tentative)  – Canada does not have the capability to launch its own satellites. For larger satellites, foreign launch providers are adequate as launch lead times are much longer. However for smaller satellites launch wait times can be too long. A responsive capability is needed. The CSCA will host and organize a Symposium to discuss the financial, technical and political issues surrounding this capability.
  • Much more to come.