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Canadian Press March 7, 2016Canadian space sector asks Ottawa to reinvest in industry, Canadian Press


January 10, 2016Canadian space symposium will examine the small satellite market, Ottawa Citizen

September 14, 2015Space Industry Association Gets Commitment from NDP and Liberals for a Long-Term Space Plan, SpaceRef Canada

September 12, 2015Liberals and NDP promise long-term space plan if elected, Canadian Press

ScreenCap1111May 28, 2015 – Marc Garneau Talks Global Warming and the Strategic Need for a Strong Space Program, SpaceRef Canada



May 23, 2015 – Innovation in Space: Canadian companies planning for humanity’s future among the stars, National Post

Canadian Press




May 19, 2015 – International conference to discuss future space travel, Canadian Press


ctv_news_channel_thumbnailExecutive Director Marc Boucher appeared on CTV News Channel on January 10, 2015 to discuss the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch to the International Space Station on a cargo resupply mission and the failed first attempt to land the Falcon 9 rocket first stage on the SpaceX Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship off the coast of Florida. The first stage ran out of hydraulic fluid shortly before reaching the ship and crashed on the edge of it.

Executive Director Marc Boucher appeared on CTV News Channel on January 6, 2015 to discuss the scrubbed SpaceX launch of their 5th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station and their first attempt to land the Falcon 9 first stage on their Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship off the coast of Florida.

Interim president Marc Boucher appeared on CTV News Channel on December 5th, 2014 to discuss NASA’s launch of the Orion spacecraft, its next-generation exploration spacecraft. Orion complete its first test flight today.


The CSCA was cited in the October 29th, 2014 Canadian Press article on how “Head of Canadian Space Agency moves on to new job,” which discussed Walt Natynczyk leaving the Canadian Space Agency to become deputy veterans affairs minister.


The CSCA in the Hill Times (October 20, 2014) – The Hill Times, an Ottawa weekly newspaper focused on the Federal Government, has released its annual Aerospace Policy Briefing. This years issue, which you can freely download includes two articles on the space sector. Both articles sourced CSCA interim president Marc Boucher for comments.

The CSCA was sourced by (October 3, 3014) for comments on the Canadian space sector during the International Astronautical Congress being held in Toronto. The article “Tension with Russia seeps into Canadian space industry” includes our comments.The CSCA has participated in several radio interviews.

The CSCA was cited in the August 23rd, 2014 Ottawa Citizen article “Canadian Space Agency prepares another study for launch,” which discussed the Canadian Space Agency’s request for proposals for a Comprehensive Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the Canadian Space Sector.

Does Canada need its own rockets to launch satellites? is an article in the Ottawa Citizen (July 24, 2014) that included comments from the CSCA.

CSCA Appearance on CTV News Channel (July 2, 2014) – CSCA interim president Marc Boucher was live on CTV News Channel Wednesday, July 2, 2014 discussing Canada’s astronaut core and the lack of flights available to them to serve on the International Space Station until at least 2017. Unfortunately the interview was short and Marc was unable to bring up all the points he wanted to. This included the fact that a new commercial option(s) in the U.S. may be available in 2017 with the price per seat being as low as $20 million as compared to the current $70 million required by the Russians for which the U.S. is now paying. You can watch the interview on the CTV News website.

The CSCA was cited in the May 8th, 2014 Canadian Press  article on how “Canada’s space industry faces challenges penetrating global markets: study,” which discussed the release of the 2014 Futron Space Competitiveness Index, and referenced in the May 19th, 2014 Space News article “Forced To Think Small, Canadian Space Agency Focuses on Microsatellites.”

Doina Oncel, the Founder and Executive Director of hErvolution, referenced her presentation at the November 7th, 2013 CSCA bimonthly meeting in the February 22nd, 2014 Huffington Post article, “We Need More Women in Aerospace.”

The CSCA was quoted in the November 15th, 2013 Canadian Press article “Canadian Space Agency developing 10 year plan” and participated as a panelist in the September 11th, 2013 Scribble Live Chat with Julie Payette on Women in Space, which touched upon the topic of jobs for Canadian science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates.

The CSCA was cited in the June 14th, 2013 Canadian Press article “Former army boss Walt Natynczyk to lead Canadian Space Agency”  and the June 19th Space News article “Canadian Space Agency President Pick Prompts Military Takeover Talk.”

The CSCA was also cited in the May 12th, 2013 Canadian Press article “No Canadian will visit space station after Hadfield before 2016” and the May 13th, 2013 Globe & Mail article “Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield ready for his return to Earth.”

The CSCA was quoted in the March 21st, 2013 Global News article “Hadfield’s social media blitz could be space program’s saving graceGlobal News” and CSCA President Arny Sokoloff was quoted in the March 20th, 2013 iTech Post article “Asteroid Mining: Gold Rush on the Final Frontier.”

The March 11th, 2013 article “Prospecting the Solar System” includes several complete videos covering presentations held during the CSCA National Conference (CSCA 2013) in Toronto on March 7th, 2013. More are available on the SpaceRef Commercial Space Resource Utilization channel on YouTube.

CSCA 2013 was covered in the March 7th, 2013 Toronto Star article “Mining for gold in deep space,” the March 7th, 2013 Globe and Mail Canadian Businessarticle “Tech titans crucial to the next wave of space exploration, the March 8th, 2013 Canadian Press article “Space: the final frontier for extra-terrestrial miners” and the March 11th, 2013 article, “Asteroid mining  to dominate the industry: experts.”

The CSCA was quoted in the February 1st, 2013 CTV News  article “Future of program unclear after Canadian Space Agency boss quits” and the October 31st, 2012 Canadian Business article “Canadian space sector stalls.”

The July 10th, 2012 CSCA bimonthly meeting with Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Head of Policy and ForbesRegulatory Affairs Jean-Marc Chouinard was discussed in the July 23rd, 2012 article “CSA Seeking Contributions for UN Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities.” The article includes a podcast of the presentation.

The CSCA was cited in the May 17th, 2012 Forbes article “From Astronaut-Hero To Space-Trucker: The Human Spin on Space Commercialization“  and the April 9th, 2012 Canadian Press article “Canada’s Federal  Budget pinch felt even in outer space.”

Our March 8th, 2012 CSCA bimonthly meeting was documented in the March 9th, 2012 article “Aerospace Review in Full Swing.”

The CSCA was referenced in the February 29th, 2012 Canadian Press article Canada hosts conference on future of space station” and interviewed by Daniel Proussalidis on SunTV for the January 4th, 2012 segment on Space Trash.

The Canadian Press has  reported on the 2011 Futron Space Competitiveness Index, the topic of our September 8th, 2011 CSCA bimonthly meeting, in the September 10th, 2011 article “India Overtakes Canada in Space: Report.”

The CSCA was cited in the July 21, 2011 Montreal Gazette articles “Refueling our Space Program” and “Down-to-Earth Priorities may scuttle future space plans” plus the July 8th, 2011 Global News article “Securing Canada’s spot in the space race.”

The Torontoist has reported on our May 12th, 2011 open CSCA meeting under the title “So Can We Vacation in Space Yet or What?

Canadian aerospace and military analyst David Pugliese (who also writes Defence Watch for the Ottawa Citizen) has written an interesting assessment of the official Canadian government space policy in the April 11th, 2011 issue of Space News under the title “Canadian Space Policy Remains Unpublished after Two Years” which includes comments from Canadian Space Agency (CSA) president Steve MacLean, Canadian Space Society president Kevin Shortt, Liberal politician and former CSA president Marc Garneau plus CSCA treasurer Chuck Black.

Here’s a sampling of media coverage from the March 18th, 2011 Canadian Space Commerce Association annual general meeting focused on the Next Breakthrough Space Technologies for Canada: