November 2008 Meeting Agenda

On Thursday, November 13th, 2008 the Canadian Space Commerce Association is pleased to welcome members and the public to our final regular meeting of the year.

Jeff Kehoe will be speaking on the following topic:


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has led the world to face the issue of global warming driven (in large part) by humans burning fossil fuels. This importance of this issue has been recognized by national leaders worldwide, and much effort is going into trying to resolve it. However, all of the approaches being widely considered for doing so have deep problems: unknown technical feasibility, production of other toxic by-products, inability to produce power on demand. A potential solution that side-steps those problems is well-known inside the space development community, but has not yet come to the attention of the IPCC and world leaders.

Harvesting solar power in space and wirelessly transmitting it to Earth is known to be technically feasible, and can provide very large amounts of clean power to most locations on Earth 24 hours a day. In September 2009 SPACE Canada will welcome representatives from the international community of science and technology, members of the academic community,
experts in space and international law, leaders in the fight against global warming and climate change, representatives of provincial/state and national governments, NGOs, economists and journalists and leaders in the business community to a three-day symposium on the viability of
space-based solar power as an alternative source of clean energy for the world.

7pm: Meeting Begins – Light Informal Conversation
8pm: Election of Board of Directors for 2009-2011 term
8:15pm: Talk by Jeff Kehoe about the recent Space Solar Power symposium
9:00pm: Discussion of the upcoming Canadian Space Summit
9:30pm: Official Business

We will also be taking membership fees for 2009. Please check registration page for rates.

The meeting is once again in the 2nd Floor private room at Scallywags in Toronto. Location information here.