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Renew Before Expiry Discount

Those who renew their Membership before it lapses will receive a 10% discount on that year’s membership renewal. The CSCA will email in advance of expiration dates as a reminder that renewal is approaching. By renewing before expiry, all Members may save.

CSCA Corporate Member Referral Program

Corporate members are eligible to earn discounts on the following year’s annual Membership Dues through the “Member Referral Program”. Existing Corporate Members can reduce the following year’s membership fees when they refer Corporates or Organizations to join the CSCA.

When existing Corporate Members, in good standing, refer other companies or organization to become members of the CSCA, and the referred organization completes the application process and pays to become a member of the CSCA, the referring member earns a discount on the following year of membership dues.

The accumulation of Referred Members must take place between the first day of the Referring Member’s subscription as a member of the CSCA and the last day of the Referring Member’s year of membership. Accrual of membership referrals does not accumulate year on year.

Referred Members must acknowledge the Referring Member in the application for membership. CSCA will prompt the answer in order to ensure that Referring Members are given the credit for the transaction.

The chart below outlines the number of referrals required to earn through the “Member Referral Program”.

Number of Companies referred 2-5 6-10 11-15 16-20
Discount earned for following year membership fees 15% 20% 30% 40%

Definitions for Membership Referral Program

Referring Member: A Corporate member of the CSCA, in good standing, that has all Membership Dues and without outstanding accounts with the CSCA.

Member Referral: The referral of another company or organization that has applied and paid for annual Membership Dues to the CSCA.

Referred Member: A corporate or organization that applies for membership to the CSCA and pays its annual Membership Dues.

Membership Year: The period from the first day a corporate member applies for joins and pays its annual Membership Dues and 365 days thereafter.

Membership Dues: Annual Fees as described in the By Laws of the CSCA.

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