Keynote Speaker for the Accelerating Space Conference Announced

The CSCA is pleased to announce that Robert Richards of Optech Incorporated and the Odyssey Moon team competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize will be our Keynote speaker for the Accelerating Space Conference.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards is a Founder of the International Space University with over 20 years of commercial space experience, presiding over multiple spaceflight programs from conception to launch as director of Optech Space Technology. He is CEO and Founder of Odyssey Moon:

Odyssey Moon is a private commercial lunar enterprise domiciled in the Isle of Man. This international team represents an innovative partnership of aerospace, banking, property, and legal interests that have come together to offer unique commercial products and services for humanity’s permanent return to the Moon. Utilizing Canadian ingenuity in mission design and advanced robotics, Odyssey Moon has a long term purpose of pursuing commercial lunar activities and a short term goal of winning the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Odyssey Moon intends to be the world’s first commercial lunar exploration and development enterprise operating on a global scale, building on its Google Lunar X PRIZE experience to develop unique technical and managerial capabilities as a commercial lunar “mission integrator” for diverse international customers.

With the world’s attention turning back to the Moon and the increasing confidence accruing to the private space sector as highly credible players enter the new space race, Odyssey Moon is uniquely positioned to take the next bold step beyond the current focus on suborbital and low earth orbit tourism. This unique position is due to the experience and influence of the company’s founders and advisors; strategic partnerships with renowned international space technology developers.

We are also pleased to announce Optech and Odyssey Moon as new members of the Canadian Space Commerce Association, as well as Optech as a Bronze Sponsor for the Accelerating Space Conference.