July 10, 2008 Meeting Agenda

The agenda is as follows:

  • First item is voting on updates to bylaws to more clearly state when elections for the board of directors are to be held. This is a follow-up on items discussed at our last meeting.

    Copies of the original and updated  bylaws in question will be circulated on the discuss@spacecommerce.ca mailing list sometime later today and at the meeting members will have the opportunity to vote to approve the change or not.

    • Second item is a presentation by Natasha Lasiuk, our RBC World markets Not for Profit Account Manager on the topic of “What not-for-profits can do to make money within the context of putting on a conference”.

      Natasha went to our January AGM and helped us set up our association accounts, but she also has quite a background in organizing events (and is encouraged to get involved by her bosses) She thinks we can make more money on our next conference than the one we did in January by doing some interesting little easy to assemble things that don’t generally occur to associations or amateur conference builders.

      These ideas will come in handy this fall no matter where or how we decide to build a conference.

      • Third item is Kevin Shortt of the Canadian Space Society to brief us on his interactions with the government and the Rideau Institute regarding formulating a new Canadian space policy.

        • Fourth item is a discussion with Kevin Shortt and Chuck Black on the topic of the CSS and the CSCA working together to build an inclusive Canadian Space Summit in Montreal on November 22-23 2008 under the topic “The Canadian Space Program – What’s next for Canada.”

          We need to decide if the CSCA is doing this instead of a CSCA specific fall conference or in conjunction with one, what sort of activities the CSCA will put on for the event and what sort of payback the CSCA will receive (I’m thinking we get free admission, a portion of the gate receipts and a cut of several other items that Natasha will be bringing up in section 2).

          Background information relating to the proposed conference (including a listing of similar conferences, delegate and sponsorship profile, background material and a little bit about what we’d like to build) is included with this e-mail.

          CSCA regular meetings take place at Scallywags, 11 St. Clair West, in the private room on the second floor, beginning at 7pm. Meetings are called to order at 7:30pm and the presentations begins at 8pm sharp.

          Scallywags is around the corner from St. Clair subway station, so that is your best way to get there, on the south side of St. Clair about 10 meters from Yonge Street. Parking is usually available on the street and affordable (and free after 9pm). There is also a GO lot nearby (North of St. Clair on Yonge and take the first left).

          If you plan to attend please contact the Meeting Chair to RSVP.

          We look forward to seeing you there.