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Benefits For All Members

Free Access to Monthly meetings CSCA meetings include guest speakers involved with space policy, scientific activities and business issues involving CSCA members and the Canadian space systems industry. Non-members will be required to pay to attend.
Discounts to Annual Conferences & Events Members receive discounts for national conferences and industry days produced by the CSCA.
Domestic & Foreign Conference Representation The CSCA will participate in conferences and events each year where it will publicize our Corporate member’s list, service and product specialities and facilitate introductions, as necessary.
Strategic Initiatives Government consultations, technical committees, invitation-only space-related meetings and more.
Public Policy Leadership The CSCA provides public policy leadership on key space focused R&D, policy, trade and commercialization discussions.
News Updates & Opportunities CSCA members are kept up to date on current space focused business news, research, policy and events.

* CSCA reserves the right to adjust the benefits from time to time.

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MEMBERSHIP TYPE Student1 Young Entrepreneur2 Professional3
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  Member Newsletter
  Monthly Meetings Free
  Government Consultation Input
  Event Discounts

1 Students: 35 years of age or younger and full-time students. Student Identification for an accredited educational institution will be required.

2 Young Entrepreneur: 30 years of age or younger and not full-time students.

3 Professionals: 31 years of age or greater.

Individual members do not receive the benefits of the Corporate Members below

Corporate Members

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Corporate Member


Cost Per Year (CAD$) Annually


  Member Newsletter

  Participate in unlimited CSCA Committees

  Free Monthly Meetings

  Employees attending Monthly Meetings Free

  Government Consultation Input

Event Discounts
  Event Discount – Including Employees

  First Right on Event Sponsorships

  Digital Logo at Monthly Meetings

  First Right on new branded programs

  Logo Appears on Member Page

Who should join?

  • Executives, business owners and independent consultants focused on enhancing competitiveness;
  • Public and private space policy professionals specializing in the impact of government policy;
  • Scientists, engineers and researchers interested in growing our critical Canadian space infrastructure;
  • Educators who are interested in advancing the research and academic disciplines related to space;
  • Business and financial professionals that see the opportunity in the Canadian space sector;
  • International individuals and corporates interested in increasing their global impact through Canada; and
  • Others interested in connecting with commercial opportunities in Canadian science, engineering and academia.

* CSCA reserves the right to adjust the benefits from time to time.

Membership Options

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