January 2008 meeting

The January 2008 meeting will once again be held at Scallywags (11 St. Clair West), on Thursday, January 10, 2008, beginning 7pm.

This meeting will take place on the 3rd floor patio section towards the front of the building.

Meetings are called to order at 7:30pm.

This meetings agenda will include:

1) Acceptance of new members (voting)

2) Brief financial update

– review of proposed new fee structure, vote on it
– current state of finances

3) AGM preparation

– quick review of what business MUST be done at AGM (i.e. as mandated in the bylaws)
– proposals for optional items (e.g. additional resolutions) to be presented at AGM

4) Conference preparation

Note: This is not an open forum to micromanage the planning details. That is best NOT done in a large group. If anyone has issues with the plan please take it up with the planners directly, primarily Rocky and Chuck.

Instead, our goal at this meeting is to:
i) do a a “sanity check” on the conference prep so far
ii) give us all an understanding of what the conference IS and IS NOT about
so that all of us can be prepared to help in the smooth operation of the conference.

Items to be considered:

– review of the conference schedule
– review of the conference logistics
– review of conference promotion to date and planned
– review of the conference goals

5) – If time permits – Discussion of the “Space Business Accelerator”

– what it means
– what the envisioned stages will be from a function and timing viewpoint
– proposed relationship between the Accelerator and the CSCA


If you plan to attend please contact the Meeting Chair to RSVP.

Scallywags is right around the corner from St. Clair subway station, so that is your best way to get there, on the south side of St. Clair about 10 meters from Yonge Street. Parking is $1.50 per 1/2 hour in that area. The closest lot is at 21 Pleasant Blvd.