Bi-Monthly Meetings

Our Next Bi-Monthly Meeting

The next CSCA membership bi-monthly meeting is scheduled for September 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm. The location of the meeting will be at Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP, located at 199 Bay Street, Suite 4000, Commerce Court West in Toronto, Ontario,

Join us for our bi-monthly meeting. Each meeting features one or two speakers who talk about something that’s of interest to the community. Our speakers come from our members who have a new idea to share, government who want to help our members succeed, universities who are doing cutting edge research, young entrepreneurs who want to share their ideas and be mentored and much more.

Our events are also great for networking. We put people and businesses. Sometimes young entrepreneurs find a company looking for their talent. The investment community also has a growing interest.

We have space for about 50 people. So register early.

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Our bimonthly meeting speakers have included:

  • Hassan Khan CEO of Quantius Inc., discussed how they work with innovative quantius_1-1enterprises, whose leaders have a vision for advancement, by financing those positioned for substantial growth. This unconventional method of funding has proven very successful in breakthrough marketplaces.
  • Bennett Leong Rocketry Lead at UTAT spoke to us about rocketry and gave insight on they progress his team has made. UTAT Rocketry.

  • Doina Oncel, the Founder and Executive Director of hErvolution, a nonprofit agency assisting girls and young women with access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics opportunities, who discussed the need to attract more women to careers in STEM. Her presentation is available online here (November 7th, 2013).
  • Scot Thom, the Director of Gobi Capital, a financial studio focused on addressing capitalization challenges,” who discussed the specifics of setting up an aerospace focused venture capital fund. His presentation is available online here (September 12th, 2013).
  • Brian McLuckie, the owner Brican Flight Systems, who provided an overview of the Brican unmanned aerial vehicles (September 12th, 2013).
  • Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi, a former Ukrainian astronaut and STS-87 backup payload specialist, who talked about his NASA space shuttle training experience and discussed his perspectives on the changing role of the research astronaut in the new commercial spaceflight era (May 2nd, 2013).
  • Deepak Kaushal from GMP Securities who gave a quick twenty minute overview of how his company tracks investment  opportunities in Canadian space companies like MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) and COM DEV International (May 2nd, 2013)
  • Rod Jones, the Executive Director of the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) discussed “dramatic growth, changing technologies, new competitors, complex supply chains and people shortages: what the Canadian aerospace industry sees ahead and how to win and grow in such a tempest.” His presentation is available online here (January 10th, 2013).
  • Kieran Carroll, the VP Technology of Space Canada, who described a “useful and practical Labrador to Newfoundland stepping stone to space-based solar power” (January 10th, 2013).
  • Laila Zichmanis, the CEO of Lumena Inc., who discussed the topic of brand management and how the science of marketing can impact the science and build the business of space. Her presentation is available online here (November 12th, 2012).
  • Richard David, the CEO of New York based NewSpace Global, which tracks 300 new-space focused companies with a focus on management, markets, capitalization, and technology for a variety of private investors and public funding organizations. His presentation, which provided an overview of his company and the metrics used to track newspace firms, is available online here. (September 13th, 2012).
  • Michael Hollinger, a partner with the law firm Heenan Blaikie LLP who practices in the area of securities, corporate and commercial law. He spoke on the topic of “Financing Space Business.” (May 10th, 2012).
  • Scott Streiner, the Executive Director of the Federal Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies (commonly known as the “Aerospace Review“), who gave a casual talk on the review mechanics and mandate for the  “comprehensive review of all policies and programs related to the aerospace/space industry to develop a federal policy framework to maximize the competitiveness of this export-oriented sector and the resulting benefits to Canadians” (March 8th, 2012).
  • Kevin Stolarick, the Research Director for the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, who discussed the the role of sub-national factors (such as location, place and city-regions) in global economic prosperity and how they relate to the Canadian space systems industry and the larger aerospace industry (January 12th, 2012).
  • Bryan Pilon, a project engineer for Cesaroni Technology who discussed the development of a novel Canadian built, stage-combustion aft-injected hybrid (SCAIH) propulsion system for a small rocket launcher (November 10th, 2011).
  • David Vaccaro, program manager for Futron Corporation, along with several members of his team who discussed Canadian competitiveness in the international space and aerospace arena by referencing data collected for the recently published 2011 Futron Space Competitiveness Index (September 8th, 2011).

Our meetings are casual and provide the opportunity to meet business owners, scientists, activists and new contacts from within the space systems industry. After the meeting, we retire to a nearby establishment for more casual conversations and networking.