2012 CSCA National Conference

Our Critical Canadian Space Infrastructure

A full day series of sessions on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at the
National Arts Centre, 53 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5W1.

The 140 companies and organizations listed in the Canadian Space Directory generated $3.44 billion CDN in revenue and employed over 8000 Canadians in 2010, according to the 2010 State of the Canadian Space Sector Report. These firms support the technologies required for weather forecasting, remote sensing, GPS systems, satellite and cable television, remote phone communication systems and even our Canadian astronaut corps.

They also provide equipment and technical support to scientists performing experiments and developing new technologies related to astronomy, Earth sciences, medicine and many other fields at over a dozen university faculties located throughout the country plus facilitate communications and space situational awareness for our Canadian military in the far North for Arctic sovereignty and on missions throughout the world. Taken together, these companies, the educational facilities developing new innovations, our military, plus the government and industry organizations and the facilities they utilize represent our critical Canadian space infrastructure.

But this infrastructure is in a state of crisis. The December 26th, 2011 Canadian Press article “Canadian Astronauts could be grounded for years after next mission” reports that “Canadian astronauts could be stuck on the ground for years following Chris Hadfield’s space mission scheduled for 2012.” The December 15th, 2011 Ottawa Business Journal article “Lost in Space” raises concerns over whether Canadian developed planetary rover technology will remain viable after government funding expires in spring 2012 and even the Canadian Astronomical Society is distributing an online petition opposing the expected and dramatic decrease in funding for space based astronomy programs as outlined in various Canadian Space Agency documents such as the 2011 – 2012 Report on Plans and Priorities.

What must we do to support and grow this disparate group of private and public organizations, capabilities and supporting infrastructure? Make your voice heard. Attend and contribute to the 2012 Canadian Space Commerce Association national conference focused on our critical Canadian space infrastructure.


Who Should


  • Executives, business owners and independent consultants focused on enhancing the global competitiveness of Canadian space and aerospace focused businesses.
  • Public and private space policy professionals specializing in the impact of government policy on innovation and productivity improvement.
  • Venture capitalists, SR&ED credit financing firms and others wanting to know more about commercial opportunities available now through Canadian scientists, academics and engineers.
  • Scientists, engineers and researchers interested in growing our critical Canadian space infrastructure.

The 2012 Conference Fee Schedule

Fees include one full year  membership in the CSCA.

  • $395 CDN– Standard registration per person for the full one day conference.
  • $295 CDN – Early bird registration per person for the full one day conference if registered before March 1st, 2012.

Discounts are available for existing CSCA members in good standing and members of supporting organizations. For more information, please e-mail chuck.black@spacecommerce.ca.

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Over a dozen expert speakers will discuss future opportunities and how to protect, support and grow the disparate group of private and public organizations, capabilities and supporting infrastructure which together compose our critical Canadian space infrastructure.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jim Quick.

  • Aerospace Industries Association of Canada VP Maryse Harvey and/or CEO Jim Quick will speak on the topic of the upcoming Canadian government aerospace review and how Canadian space systems companies can have their voices included within the final report.
  • Arjae Spectral Enterprises Dr. Arsen Hajian will discuss “The Sensei Spectrometer: Total Throughput Spectroscopy” and demonstrate how a small, but innovative Canadian firms can revolutionize the market and create Canadian jobs.
  • Blakes Law Firm Partner Cliff Sosnow, the chair of the international trade and investment Group, along with Associate David Peaker will discuss “Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act: What Canadian space companies need to know when doing business in foreign markets.”
  • 2012 Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute President (and ComDev InternationalVP of Government Relations) Ron Holdway will look back upon the government vision that first took Canada into space, explain the strategic role that space infrastructure plays in the delivery of public policy and review how space touches the daily lives of every Canadian.

    Robert Godwin.

  • Canadian Air and Space Museum Director (and Apogee Books owner) Robert Godwin will discuss how our critical Canadian space infrastructure also requires a knowledge of what has gone before, the appropriate background education and a sense of history.
  • Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Head of Research & Analysis, Policy and External Relations Joan Harvey will present “the Status of the Canadian Space Sector,” a talk based on the the annual CSA status report and draw comparisons to other countries plus ask “provocative questions” about the measures that industry and government should be taking to help incubate and grow Canadian firms.
  • Canadian Space Society President Kevin Shortt will discuss The Economic Impact of a Well-Developed Plan Covering the Canadian Space Industry.
  • Commercial SpaceFlight Federation Executive Director Alex Saltmann will present on “Newspace” and some of the things being done to encourage the growth of small space focused firms in the US.

    Michael Woods.

  • Polytechnics Canada CEO & member of the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development (the Jenkins Panel) Nobina Robinson will discuss how to “Reverse the Innovation Equation.”
  • NSERC/ MDA/ CSA Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Gordon Osinski will give a presentation on Canadian government scientific grants and some expected (and helpful) upcoming changes.
  • UrtheCast President Scott Larson will tell people about how his Canadian company is launching the world’s first HD video platform of planet Earth via two cameras mounted to the International Space Station (ISS).

The event will also include:

  • A late afternoon panel discussion on “Our Critical Canadian Space Infrastructure” – Acknowledged industry and government experts outlining the current situation, defining the specific problems that makes this a crisis and offering useful and innovative solutions.
  • Start-Up LiftOff – Speakers for start-up commercial space ventures will make a high energy five minute presentation focused on their organization in a format modeled after the O’Reilly’s Ignite Talks under the motto “Enlighten Us, But Make It Quick!”

Don’t forget to download the 2012 sponsorship package, which includes a copy of the conference schedule.

The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is a registered Canadian not-for-profit industry organization dedicated to advancing the economic, legal and political environment for space and aerospace focused companies.