Workshop: "Entrepreneurial Opportunities in a Space Solar Power Economy"

Canadian Space Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Workshop on “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in a Space Solar Power Economy”
Thursday July 12, 7:00 pm (presentations begin at 7:30 pm)


11 St. Clair West, 2nd floor

Scallywags is right around the corner from St. Clair subway station, so that is your best way to get there, on the south side of St. Clair about 10 meters from Yonge Street. Parking is $1.50 per 1/2 hour in that area. The closest lot is at 21 Pleasant Blvd.

Space Solar Power

Its known as Space Solar Power, and it promises unlimited, clean energy to power all nations forever more. Beyond just a bunch of old guys dreaming or grumbling about it, SSP is now being looked at by politicians and national agencies as a clean solution to the world’s energy needs. India, China, and Japan are considering entering into long-term purchase agreements with one company, the Space Island Group, for power beamed at 10 cents / kilowatt into their national or state energy grids.

This workshop will be introduced with a briefing on the current state of technology and financing for SSP, and continue to a brainstorming session regarding entrepreneurial opportunities arising from a world economy that involves space-based beamed power: business opportunities to help in constructing, maintaining, and exploiting the vast solar arrays and ground stations, and large, habitable space stations that would be created in such a project, should it come to fruition.

Meeting Chair: Joseph McGinty

Speakers: Rocky Persaud, Kieran Carroll.

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