CSCA Request for Input for 2015 Pre-Budget Consultation


The Canadian Space Commerce Association is requesting input for the 2015 federal governments pre-budget consultation.

Please use this form to submit your thoughts based on the themes outlined below. We will contact to discuss your thoughts and they may be included in any submission the CSCA makes.

Preference will be given to members since the submission length is short at 2,000 words.

Background: The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance is holding its 2015 pre-budget consultations from June 5 to August 7, 2015, inclusively.

The themes for the 2015 pre-budget consultations are:

1) Productivity: What federal actions regarding health, education, tools, technology, the federal public service and supports for the involvement of all Canadians would improve Canada’s rate of productivity?

2) Infrastructure and communities: What federal actions would ensure that Canada’s communities have the infrastructure they need to support people and businesses, including in work, leisure and getting goods to market?

3) Jobs: What federal actions would support Canadian residents as they secure employment, adapt their skills to meet the evolving needs of employers, and move to locations where jobs exist?

4) Taxation: What federal actions in relation to personal and business taxation would result in the desired incentives for work, saving, spending, investment, job creation and other positive outcomes?

f you have any questions about this please contact Marc Boucher at or 1.519.685.6586.

Update: The deadline for submissions has past. The CSCA would like to thank our members for their input. We will shortly releases our submission.