CSCA contributions to Federal Government Aerospace Review now online

The documents are posted on the Aerospace Review website at CSCA members and contributors with posted contributions so far include Eva-Jane Lark, the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society (CSDCMS), Space 1 Systems Inc. (S1S), the Dream Space Group and Gedex.

There are also contributions from the Canadian Space Society (CSS), the Canadian Alumni of the International Space University (CAISU), the Canadian Nanosatellite Workshop, several unions, the Ontario Aerospace Council (in conjunction with two academic facilities) and a short submission on the importance of space-born Earth observation for Canada from SAR Corporation.

The CAISU presentation is of particular interest since it talks about aerospace grads and gives an estimate of how many presently need to leave Canada to find work in their field of close to 30%.

The CSCA contribution is divided up into three parts:

    • This section recommends that the Federal government should “explicitly encourage the development of entrepreneurial or “commercial space” industries and approaches.” This is essentially a small business or “newspace” advocacy document and includes discussions on specific government procurement policies and methodologies which would encourage Canadian companies to provide low cost and commercial solutions to space problems.
    • Canadian companies engaging in extraterrestrial resource development should be granted all tax and other benefits now granted to them in their terrestrial exploration and development activities.” This recommendation is specifically designed to address the tax infrastructure needed for firms to self finance exploration, innovation and extraterrestrial development by allowing them to do so the very same way that those functions are currently funded by existing mining companies.
    • The Federal government should create provisions in Canadian law for clear, transferable title to extraterrestrial mining claims and returned resources and work to negotiate international agreements to the same effect.” This recommendation is specifically designed to address the legal requirements needed to develop extraterrestrial resources and encourage access to development capital for the space industry by allowing space companies to do this in the very same way as existing mining companies currently fund terrestrial exploration and development.
    • This section recommends that the Federal government should “commit to specific steps towards the development of an indigenous small-satellite launch capability.” This recommendation is specifically designed to allow Canada full control (including design, development, manufacture and launch) of our space-based Earth observational satellites and assets in order to fully benefit from the accompanying research, development and commercialization benefits naturally deriving from programs of this nature.

Several other submissions (from MDA, ComDev and others) are still are their way and should be posted over the next month.

For more information on the Aerospace Review, please check out the  February 28th, 2012 Commercial Space article “Aerospace (and Space) Policy Review Head Announced” and the March 9th, 2012 article “Aerospace Review in Full Swing.”

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