Revised list of speakers & topics for the upcoming CSCA national conference

A full speaker list for the 2012 Canadian Space Commerce Association National Conference, a full day series of sessions being held on Wednesday, March 28th at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa has  has now been posted on the CSCA website at

They include:

  • Aerospace Industries Association of Canada VP Maryse Harvey and/or CEO Jim Quick will speak on the topic of the upcoming Canadian government aerospace review and how Canadian space systems companies can have their voices included within the final report.
  • Arjae Spectral Enterprises Dr. Arsen Hajian will discuss “The Sensei Spectrometer: Total Throughput Spectroscopy” and demonstrate how a small, but innovative Canadian firms can revolutionize the market and create Canadian jobs.
  • Blakes Law Firm Partner Cliff Sosnow, the chair of the international trade and investment Group, along with Associate David Peaker will discuss “Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act: What Canadian space companies need to know when doing business in foreign markets.”
  • 2012 Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute President (and ComDev InternationalVP of Government Relations) Ron Holdway will look back upon the government vision that first took Canada into space, explain the strategic role that space infrastructure plays in the delivery of public policy and review how space touches the daily lives of every Canadian.
  • Canadian Air and Space Museum Director (and Apogee Books owner) Robert Godwin will discuss how our critical Canadian space infrastructure also requires a knowledge of what has gone before, the appropriate background education and a sense of history.
  • Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Head of Research & Analysis, Policy and External Relations Joan Harvey will present “the Status of the Canadian Space Sector,” a talk based on the the annual CSA status report and draw comparisons to other countries plus ask “provocative questions” about the measures that industry and government should be taking to help incubate and grow Canadian firms.
  • Canadian Space Society President Kevin Shortt will discuss job opportunities for space science and engineering graduates in the Canadian space systems industry.
  • Commercial SpaceFlight Federation Executive Director Alex Saltmann will present on “Newspace” and some of the things being done to encourage the growth of small space focused firms in the US.
  • International Astronautical Federation Executive Director Dr. Christian Feichtinger will discuss initiatives coming out of the European Space Agency (ESA) to build out aerospace infrastructure, develop original space focused entrepreneurs and how some of the lessons learned might be directly applicable for Canada.
  • NSERC/ MDA/ CSA Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Gordon Osinski will give a presentation on Canadian government scientific grants and some expected (and helpful) upcoming changes.
  • UrtheCast President Scott Larson will tell people about how his Canadian company is launching the world’s first HD video platform of planet Earth via two cameras mounted to the International Space Station (ISS).

The event will also include:

  • A late afternoon panel discussion on “Our Critical Canadian Space Infrastructure” – Acknowledged industry and government experts outlining the current situation, defining the specific problems that makes this a crisis and offering useful and innovative solutions.
  • Start-Up LiftOff – Speakers for start-up commercial space ventures will make a high energy five minute presentation focused on their organization in a format modeled after the O’Reilly’s Ignite Talks under the motto “Enlighten Us, But Make It Quick!”

For more information, please go to our 2012 CSCA National Conference page.