Canadian Space Commerce Association Announces New Corporate Members


Toronto, July 28, 2015 – The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is excited to announce the addition of two new corporate members.

Joining the CSCA as new corporate members are; Aflare Systems Inc. and Canadensys Aerospace Corporation.

“It is innovative small and medium sized enterprises like Aflare Systems and Canadensys Aerospace that will help grow Canada’s space sector, providing opportunities for highly skilled workers and creating new products that benefit Canadians and that lead to export opportunities,” said CSCA Executive Director, Marc Boucher. “A vibrant Canadian space economy is essential to the Canadian economy. That’s why the CSCA exists, to support Canadian companies as they build their products and services which benefit Canadians everyday. Whether it’s the satellite technology that enables everyone’s financial transactions, to the weather data that helps farmers with their crops or families plan their trips, to name but a few examples.”

“We at Aflare are pleased to join the CSCA and support its activities. Since its inception several years ago, the CSCA has grown into serious organization with a nationally recognized voice supporting our businesses in space economic development, promoting awareness and enabling collaboration and education. We look forward to participant in the CSCA events and activities,” said Aflare Systems President, Roman Ronge.

Canadensys Aerospace’s CEO Christian Sallaberger, a past guest speaker at CSCA events, added “While our customers may span the globe, Canadensys values its Canadian roots, and we are pleased to become a corporate member of the Canadian Space Commerce Association.  Space activities in Canada are becoming increasingly commercial in nature and we applaud the efforts of the CSCA in fostering dialogue and collaboration within the sector’s industry.”

About Aflare Systems Inc.

Aflare’s focus is on the automotive, telecommunications, aerospace and medical device industries, where robust and reliable systems operate in harsh and demanding environments. We also provide automation and control systems for a wide range of monitoring and manufacturing solutions.

Our impeccable understanding of industry-specific regulations and quality control elements helps us ensure client satisfaction while keeping overhead costs minimal.

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About Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is a space systems and services company with a focus on accessible space. The company is founded on heritage and expertise that spans a number of Canada’s historic space achievements of the last 3 decades, blending them with micro and nano space technology, and modern, commercial business models for effective space program and mission development.

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About the Canadian Space Commerce Association

The Canadian Space Commerce Association, founded in 2007, is a registered not-for-profit industry organization that advances the economic, legal and political environment for space companies.

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