Bi-Monthly Speaker Announced: Dr. Philip Fergusson, PrecisionHawk

ScreenCap1234Our next meeting is Thursday, November 12th. Our featured speaker will be Dr. Philip Fergusson, VP, Product Development, PrecisionHawk.

Dr. Ferguson has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, provided technical leadership at Magellan Aerospace and has 15 years experience in engineering management. He’s worked on the MOST Satellite, NEOSSat Microsatellite and the RADARSAT Constellation Mission. PrecisionHawk’s product line includes Terraserver which delivers billions of satellite images and aerial photos.

PrecisionHawk is leading the way in in the field of aerial data collection and information delivery for the agriculture, insurance, energy, oil / gas, mining and emergency response sectors.  As Vice President of Product Development, Dr. Philip Ferguson leads the all-Canadian team of engineers and production technicians to design, manufacture, test, package and ship the PrecisionHawk Lancaster aircraft and sensing systems.  But the aircraft is just the beginning of the PrecisionHawk stack – a means to the end, that being actionable information.  To create a truly actionable result for customers, PrecisionHawk’s industry-leading data systems programmatically stitch the data, fuse it with satellite and other data sources and ultimately apply industry-relevant analytics.  These algorithms form the world’s first and only “drone app-store”, harnessing geospatial image research and intellectual property from researchers at institutions around the world.  This talk is an overview of how aerial data collection, in conjunction with satellite data, empowers farmers, geologists, insurance adjusters and energy prospectors around the globe.

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