About CSCA

The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is Canada’s national association for the space sector, representing industry, academia, professionals, young entrepreneurs and students.

CSCA’s purpose is to support the competitive, legal, strategic, academic and educational interests of the Canadian commercial space and defense sectors. This includes, but is not limited to:

Regulatory Environment: governance affecting the Canadian space industry nationally and internationally, such as legislation, policy, licensing, operational oversight, regulatory authorities, etc.

Access to Investment and Other Forms of Capital: expanding commercial opportunities in space development for Canadian companies such as economic incentives such as tax relief, grants, loans, private equity, debt facilities, mezzanine and bridge capital, Government contributions, private and institutional investment.

Canadian Space Program Priorities: long, medium and short-term Canadian space strategies, integration of space with other Canadian Ministries and their strategies, international partnerships – Government or private, direction of strategic priorities to support Canadian space interests.

Facilities: supporting existing and advocating for more space infrastructure in Canada such as potential test ranges, launch sites or launch support, scientific and R&D facilities.

Academics: providing access to higher education and other programs locally, nationally and internationally, assistance navigating public and private funding mechanisms and programs, networks within higher education to provide career guidance and foster mentorships.

Professional Education: provide access to professional development and continuing education for professionals in relevant disciplines, enrich the existing knowledge of highly skilled individuals with the newest developments within their field.

Education: by fostering STEM+ initiatives for kindergarten to grade 12 we are committed to growing the workforce of tomorrow, working with Government, industry, and academia to establish a robust pipeline of highly qualified Canadian professionals.

The CSCA is a registered not-for-profit industry organization.