Welcome to the Canadian Space Commerce Association

The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is a registered not-for-profit industry organization existing to advance the economic, legal and political environment for Canadian space focused companies. Our areas of interest include:

  • The Regulatory Environment: Including legislation and policy development affecting the Canadian space industry. These include Government tax relief, grants, loans and other economic incentives.
  • Access to Investment Capital: Including the realization of expanding commercial opportunities in space development for Canadian companies.
  • Professional Education and Assistance:  For business planning, funding mechanisms and appropriate government and private assistance programs.
  • Canadian Space Program Priorities: Including funding programs and direction.
  • Facilities: Including existing infrastructure, plus potential test range, launch site and others.
  • Building International Interest: Helping Canadian companies in the export market including dissemination of commercial space opportunities.

Aerospace ReviewThe three CSCA submissions to the arms-length Aerospace Review, mandated by the Government of Canada and led by the Honourable David Emerson, are currently available for public download on the Aerospace Review website.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Canadian Space Commerce Association provides companies, organizations and individuals the opportunity to connect and network with peers, suppliers and industry experts in an open, professional setting.

Access to Bimonthly meetings: CSCA meetings include guest speakers involved with space policy, scientific activities and business issues involving CSCA members and the Canadian space systems industry.

Annual Conference and Industry Days: Members receive a discount for our national conference and industry days. The discount depends on level of membership.

Our National Conference includes major names in the Canadian space systems industry, government representatives and respected international experts discussing upcoming initiatives and ongoing activities.

Our Industry Days focus on specific sectors within the market brining together stakeholders to discuss the topic and help chart for sector growth in domestic and export markets.

Strategic Initiatives

Members are invited to contribute to initiatives including:

  • Pre-budget consultations
  • Discounted participation in our Industry Days
  • Access to our member only Suborbital Business Group
  • Other initiatives as they are added.

Domestic and Foreign Conference Representation

The CSCA will participate in several important conferences each year. We will make attendees aware of ours members, their product areas and facilitate introductions as necessary.

Tentative Events for 2015:

  • Satellite 2015, Washington
  • The National Space Symposium, Colorado Springs
  • ISDC 2015, Toronto
  • Smallsat Conference, Utah
  • IAC 2015, Israel
  • CSS Space Summit

Intellectual Property and Spinoffs

Working with government agencies we’ll help to identify Intellectual Property available to companies for potential new products.

News updates and informed commentary: CSCA members keep current on the latest space focused business news, research, policy and events through a variety of services including our member mailing lists, services provided through our members and a variety of other social media and marketing tools.

Public policy leadership: The CSCA provides public policy leadership on key space focused R&D, policy, trade and commercialization discussions. Our members and executives are often cited in media reports focused on the space systems industry.

Who Should Join

Executives, business owners and independent consultants focused on enhancing competitiveness.

Public and private space policy professionals specializing in the impact of government policy.

Scientists, engineers and researchers interested in growing our critical Canadian space infrastructure.

Angel investors and others interested in connecting with commercial opportunities in Canadian  science, engineering and academia.


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